About us

The origin of the IB.Group is the accountancy and tax consultancy IB Interbilanz Vienna which was established in 1949. Since 1991, we have been expanding into other Central and Eastern European countries and today our 300 employees serve around 2300 clients in 8 countries – Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Ukraine – making us specialists in the region.

Our main customers are medium and large international organisations, many of which have Austrian or German backing. Our success is based on the fact we provide high quality services in their home country and language is not an obstacle. Most of our employees speak English or German as well as their native language.

Our range of services includes all the major financial outsourcing activities such as generation and auditing of annual financial statements, tax and legal consulting, management consulting as well as book-keeping and payroll. If necessary, we can provide you with a list of some of our customers and copies of the relevant accreditations.