Career steps


After completing your studies you begin your "on-the-job training". We appreciate extensively trained staff. Therefore, your training will include not only auditing and tax consulting but also the necessary EDP skills. Experienced colleagues and your personal coach support you to guarantee your personal success and that of the clients. IB Grant Thornton will support you with our training package in Austria and abroad.

Experienced assistant

You have gathered experiences, and the scope of your responsibility is expanding. In addition to independent account management your tasks include participation in demanding tasks such as tax planning, valuation reports and due diligence reviews as team member. Permanent feedback from your experienced colleagues and head auditors and from your personal coach shows you that you wish to expand your knowledge. You will get our full support in terms of time and money while you prepare for the tax consultant's exam.

Tax consultant

You have passed the tax consultant's exam, and you are not only working for our clients in Central Europe with commitment and flexibility but also showing team spirit and, therefore, able to lead and train a team. You are responsible for precise implementation and reporting as team leader and also partly as head auditor. Also, you are representing the results of your team’s work vis-a-vis the client.

Auditor/Head auditor

You have expanded your know-how and experience and passed or are going to take the certified public accountant’s exam after three to five years’ experience as auditor. You work out fiscal projections, prepare valuation reports or due diligence reviews. In auditing you are responsible for planning and implementing international commitments, and you are communicating successfully not only with the team and the clients but also with Grant Thornton partners all over Europe.


After passing the certified public accountant's exam and learning to bear entrepreneurial responsibility on the basis of your personality and professional knowledge, you will be offered a partnership. Since you joined the company, eight to ten years will have passed, and your last great leap forward in your career will strengthen the team of partners of IB Grant Thornton in Central Europe.